Karen Sarkisyan

Karen did his PhD on fluorescent proteins development with Konstantin Lukyanov and Alexander Mishin in Moscow and then worked on protein evolution with Fyodor Kondrashov in Barcelona and Vienna.

Karen moved to London in September 2018 to start a new lab.


Aubin Fleiss

Aubin did his PhD on yeast chromosomal rearrangements with Gilles Fischer at LCQB, Paris. He then joined the lab in 2019 to work on protein evolution and protein engineering.

Aubin likes to mix molecular biology with programming.


Macià Sureda Vives

Macià graduated in biochemistry while contemplating the Mediterranean. His passion for cell biology met his engineer vocation at Imperial College London, where he studied mechanobiology in Warboys lab and molecular biosensors with Vania Braga.

Macià wants to design biological tools to support space exploration.



OT-2 is a liquid handling robot made by Opentrons. OT2 understands Python and enjoys precise instructions.

See what OT-2 can do.



PIXL is an awesome colony picking robot by Singer Instruments, with a built-in beer bottle opener.

Watch PIXL at work.


We are accepting applications from PhD students and postdocs with independent funding.

Please send all enquiries to Karen: